Paintless Dent Removal


Technicians use specifically designed tools to adjust the metal back to its original shape when we are working behind the dent. The process of removing car dents, door dings, and creases from your dream vehicle metal without affecting the original or custom paint condition is called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

No waiting for weeks or months to remove your car dent or dings. Most PDR jobs can be done in one day and we are one of them. We fix the small dents and dings in your work or business in less than one hour. You will know straight precisely how much time it will take. Why choose PDR process? The best reason behind it:

  • Non-invasive process
  • PDR doesn’t require body fillers, sanding or painting
  • Keeps your dream car’s resale and trade-in value
  • You can get rid of most dents and dings permanently
  • 100% guarantee on repairs
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