Paint Protection


With over several years of experience in the paint protection film industry, our installation expertise is second to none. Our team is certified in paint protection film (PPF) by XPEL and 3M. To ensure that your car’s paint stays the same, it will require some thoughtful protection to help it fight against the forces of nature. And that’s where Paint Protection Film (PPF) comes in and we are helping in it to our esteemed customers.

Gtechniq is a product that adheres to your vehicles paintwork providing a crystal lacquer to your vehicles exterior. The film is resistant to environmental contaminants such as oxidation, water staining, fallout, vandalism and dust. It provides a complete protective cocoon for your vehicle.

It works by providing a glass like barrier, offering the highest quality durable gloss and color protection for exposed or fragile surfaces with superior stain and abrasion resistance, for easy long term protection.

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